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Terms and Conditions

Reading and understanding our terms and conditions is vital for ensuring a transparent and mutually beneficial travel experience. These terms outline the scope of services provided, helping you grasp the full extent of your travel package. By familiarizing yourself with our terms, you gain insights into payment structures, cancellation policies, and any potential fees, empowering you to plan and manage your trip effectively. Additionally, the terms detail the responsibilities of both parties, setting clear expectations for a smooth and enjoyable journey. Moreover, our terms and conditions act as a legal agreement between you, the traveler, and us, the travel provider. This agreement protects your rights and outlines the procedures in various scenarios, ensuring a fair and secure travel arrangement. In essence, reading and comprehending our terms and conditions is a proactive step toward fostering transparency, managing expectations, and ultimately enhancing the overall satisfaction and success of your travel experience with us.

1) Definitions and Interpretation

  1. SandyTracks (Pty) Ltd: A registered South African company that facilitates cost-effective access to partner services for guests visiting Southern Africa  
  2. Client: The entity concluding the quotation for or on behalf of the guests, affirming the legal capacity to do so.
  3. Departure: The start date of service provision by partners.
  4. Guests: All individuals, including the client and guest clients, using the services.
  5. Services: Any services provided by partners, including accommodation, car rental, air charter, driver and tracker services, and food and beverages.
  6. Partners: Individuals and companies providing services.
  7. Quotation: The booking form completed by the client, confirmed by payment, forming the contract between the client and SandyTracks (Pty) Ltd.
  8. The term ‘including’ in examples means ‘including without limitation.’
  9. Singular words include the plural, and vice versa.
  10. Gender-neutral language is inclusive of all genders.
  11. Natural person references include legal entities.
  12. Clause headings are for convenience and do not affect interpretation.

2) Quotation

  1. The quotation depends on service availability at the departure date.
  2. Changes to the quotation require its reissuance, potentially affecting the price.
  3. Quotations are based on partner prices at the quotation date, subject to update until full payment receipt by SandyTracks (Pty) Ltd.

3) Reservation Made

  1. SandyTracks (Pty) Ltd books services described in a quotation upon receiving the completed quotation.
  2. If any booked services are unavailable on the commencement date, clients may request equivalent standard replacements.

4) Payment by Clients

  1. An approved quotation requires a bona fide and fully completed Booking Form issued by Sandy Tracks.
  2. A 50% deposit of the total invoice is due upon service confirmation, with the remainder payable at least 30 days before departure.
  3. If departure is within 30 days of confirmation, full payment is required.
  4. Payment must be made without setoff or deduction via bank transfer to SandyTracks (Pty) Ltd’s South African bank account.

5) Cancellation

Cancellation must be in writing via email and incurs the following fees:

  1. 60 days or more before departure: 10% fee of the amount paid
  2. 59 – 30 days before departure: 50% fee of amount paid
  3. 29 – 7 days before departure: 75% fee of amount paid
  4. 7 – 0 days before departure: 100% fee of amount paid

6) Modifications or Cancellation of Services

No deduction or refund applies to the quotation price in case of:

  1. Force majeure requiring service amendments without prior notice.
  2. Unforeseeable circumstances necessitating service amendments.
  3. Guest medical conditions necessitating service changes.
  4. Illegal or incompatible guest conduct compelling service amendments.

7) Insurance

Personal medical insurance is not included in the services and is the client’s responsibility.

8) Limitation of Liability

All guests use services at their own risk. SandyTracks (Pty) Ltd, partners, officers, employees, and contractors (collectively ‘the Owners’) are not liable for any claims related to loss, damage, expense, injury, or death, whether due to negligence or otherwise.

9) Health

Guests are advised to seek medical advice for existing or anticipated medical conditions. Relevant medical matters must be disclosed to SandyTracks (Pty) Ltd before departure.

10) Accident

Guests acknowledge safari-related risks, including outdoor conditions and wildlife encounters.

11) Visas

Guests must ensure valid passports and visas for countries visited due to service provision.

12) Waiver and Severability

  1. No waiver of terms is valid unless in writing and signed by both parties.
  2. Failure to exercise a right does not waive that right.
  3. Invalid terms are severable, leaving other terms valid.

13) Whole Agreement

This document constitutes the entire agreement, superseding all others. Amendments require written, authorized signatures of both parties.

14) Jurisdiction

This agreement is governed by South African law, with jurisdiction in the Magistrates Court, Johannesburg, for disputes arising from this agreement.